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Years of Focus, Website Construction

Since 2010-2018 Looking to the future Focusing on design experience, specializing in solutions

Design control, also drunk

Not only to be tall, but just to be absorbed in the design

Technology school, on research and development
I said that the industry does not have the best technology, only the best technology developers to customize R & D for your customers and teams
Preconceived and future-oriented
Comprehensive layout of PC and mobile to seize first-class business opportunities Based on Html5 responsive layout, intelligently identify multiple terminal devices
what can we do
Case appreciation
Weber Legal Affairs Website Construction Project

Website design
Weber Legal website construction project <br /> portal, red

China Influence Website Design

Website design
China influence website design <br /> portal, blue, state-owned enterprise

Website of Beijing Institute of Grain Science and Technology

Website design
Website of Beijing Institute of Food Science and Technology <br /> Official website, corporate website, green

They have a long-term cooperation with Fuxian Works Network
Different media, equally exciting
  • Responsive mobile website construction
  • Responsive tablet website construction
  • Responsive PC Website Construction

Design trends that touch the visual soul Carefully laid out user experience is presented in front of customers through any terminal without fear

  • Web design compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Website design compatible with Google Chrome
  • Web design compatible with Firefox browser
  • Website design compatible with Apple Safari browser

Html5 + CSS3 Responsive layout Excellent browser compatibility

  • Website production across windows platforms
  • Cross ios platform website production
  • Cross andriod platform website production

Barrier-free cross-platform application for website construction based on B / S architecture, no need for users to download and install to use cloud management, easy maintenance

Do you think you see the whole site?
Integrated marketing to seize business opportunities
Thick hair

Climbing to the top is not to enjoy the scenery, but to find higher peaks and sunrises in the east, to bid farewell to yesterday's glory, and to shine the light farther along the way, we are more concerned about how to accumulate and precipitate

Next second let you see how strong we are

Founded in 2010, it is located in Zoulu Putian City, Fujian Province. It is an excellent Internet service provider in China. Since its establishment, it has focused on high-end website construction, mobile internet applications, B / S architecture system research and development, cloud server deployment, and operation and maintenance, providing one-stop services for enterprise customers' Internet applications.

We always adhere to the needs of customers, and provide targeted project solutions for the pursuit of user experience design. Weavers will constantly surpass themselves and challenge dangerous peaks!

Put down your honor and look to the future
  • 2009- won the Innovation Enterprise of Economic Development Zone
  • 2010 - Design Alliance selected as a Gold Design Enterprise
  • 2010- won the high-tech enterprises in Economic Development Zone
  • 2011 - Successfully registered "Zuo Zuo" trademark and established brand
  • 2013 - Has owned independent intellectual property rights, as many as 12 national software copyrights
Trusted by 611 corporate customers 267 Listed / Group company design works 2015 Gold Medal Design Enterprise 12 national software copyrights Customer renewal rates above 99%
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